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A new video about the September NYC Exhibition in a short jazzy version

A short version of the short film about love, jazz, art, New York, and “Masters of the Imagination, the September 2010 Art Exhibition with works by contemporary artist Ignacio Alperin Bruvera set to some cool jazz.

2010 art works Promoting your Art

New Movie on the January – July 2010 Catalog

2010 art works Exhibitions Promoting your Art

Ignacio´s Art on REVISTA Ñ, Argentina´s best selling Arts and Culture Magazine

Article on Ignacio´s Music on Canvas approach to art on today´s Ñ Magazine, Argentina´s best selling arts and culture magazine.

Artículo de Ñ, la revista de Arte y Cultura de mayor circulación en Argentina sobre el “Jazz visual” y la muestra en NYC de Ignacio Alperin.

Nota del día 11 de Septiembre de 2010 - Article on Ignacio´s art which appeared on 9/11/2010
Ignacio Alperin en New York
Nota Aislada de la Página 4 _ Page 4 Article by itself
La nota de Ñ en formato aislado.
2010 art works Promoting your Art

Little Abstractions of 2010

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From a Review of the upcoming NYC Exhibition “Masters of the Imagination”: Music on Canvas

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Music on canvas
The “visual jazz” paintings of an Argentine artist in an annual exhibition of Latin American Art in New York

Artist Ignacio Alperin Bruvera (, whose art has been described by some critics as “visual jazz”, will be taking part, together with some of Latin America’s brightest new and estalished artists, in the now traditional annual Latin American art exhibition “Masters of the Imagination”, organized by Agora Gallery in New York City for over a decade now.

In relation to his art and the invitation to participate in the exhibition, Alperin Bruvera said: “It’s an honor to have the opportunity to present my work and receive recognition in one of the world’s great art capitals, a city that I love and one which also has such a deeply rooted relationship with jazz”.

Fascinated by this genre, Alperin constructs his visual language using methods based on classical concepts, but full of creative inventiveness and spontaneous improvisation that reminds more of the work of musicians than that of classical visual artists.

In his paintings, we come across dramatic lines, spiraling or ripping across the canvas, many times giving the impression of stretching beyond the surface, and framed by vigorous colors applied in his characteristic brushwork. Thus he has built his own language, full of movement and nuances, with which he creates points of contact with the viewers, generating a dialogue which is mostly divorced from figurative representation, but built on a visceral form of abstraction that stimulates the imagination and ignites their hearts.

Tracing a parallel to what happens with great jazz, Alperin encourages his viewers to leave the unilateral relationship which very often characterizes the art experience, inviting them to step into the “stage” and become emotionally involved to the point of making each painting their own, thus transcending everyday reality and immersing them into a process with no defined time or space, towards a more universal vision of everything that surrounds them.

“Over the years I have developed my own visual method as a combination of traditional painting techniques and a large dose of improvisation crafted in the style of the great musicians of that genre. Precisely, it is in the United States where my art has been conceptualized by some as “visual jazz”, a term that I like and that, somehow, I share due to the musicality of my work and the movement that I impress on it” said the artist.

A selection of his works is being exhibited at Agora Gallery (, 530 West 25th St, New York, until 1 October 2010.!/pages/Contemporary-Artist-Ignacio-Alperin-Bruvera/147225685298260?ref=ts