It´s more than a paper moon…


“It´s only a paper moon” is a classic song written in 1933 by Harold Arlen, with those wonderfully catchy lyrics by E. Y. Harburg and Billy Rose.

Incredibly enough, it had a pretty difficult birth, as the play for which it had been written bombed on Broadway. That should have been it, and the song should have been doomed to that big dumpster of anonimity in musical heaven.

But as it happens with so many great songs, it had to be redeemed by a keen eye and a great musical ear, and so it was that it became hugely popular on its own when it was picked up by two very classy acts like the magnificent Ella Fitzgerald, who recorded two wonderful versions, and none other than Nat King Cole and his Trio.

This painting is dedicated to this endearing song, particularly to Ella´s versions, and it is called “It´s just a canvas sky hanging over a muslin tree”, which is one of the lines in this very sweet tune.

Painted in 2012, mixed media on canvas, it is 80 cm x 60 cm, and it is hanging over my living room right now.

It’s whimsical, it is pure fantasy, it is nonsensical, but it is all true… if you just happen to believe in me… 🙂

"It´s only a canvas sky hanging over a muslin tree"
(2012) by Ignacio Alperin Bruvera, 60cm x 80cm.


I hope you like it, as well as the song.

Until next time!



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