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Stay in May 2016 (Art Naples World Festival 2016) has come to an end.

Since my arrival in Naples two weeks ago, as a guest of the Naples Art Association and the Festival, I was constantly surprised by the talent, the care, and the commitment of everyone involved. From the volunteers to the organizers, everyone´s involvement in every single detail results in a magnificent cultural event.

There are many people involved. Most I have met although I don´t know all their names. In the personal recognition to Trey Farmer (President and CEO of the Festival) and Maestro William Noll (the great Artistic Director), I wish to congratulate and thank everyone whom with their work, financial support, and public support of every event, managed to make of this year´s festival such a pleasure. I know Trey and Maestro Noll are already thinking about 2017 and in how to make this great cultural show an even bigger event.

In my particular case I want to thank the Naples Art Association for their support and gracious invitation. To the NAA Board members, to Aimee Schlehr (the Executive Director), Maureen, Phyllis, Amy, Rossana, Don, Chelsea, Lynn, Kenny, Alex (I am sorry if I forget someone´s name) and every single smiling and generous volunteer. And a very special thanks to Jack O´Brien, curator of the NAA and of my exhibition. Thank you Jack for thinking of me, for working so hard to get this exhibition up and running, and for your constant support and generosity. Few people know that this exhibition was almost 6 months in the (long distance) making and that without Jack´s patience and wonderful ideas about putting together a solid event, this would not have happened. So, once again, thank you Jack!

PHOTO_20160508_151927Even though the STAY IN MAY FESTIVAL 2016 has ended, in our case the IGNACIO ALPERIN: A VISUAL JAZZ AFFAIR exhibition continues.

That is why we hope to see you at the Watson Gallery (Naples) until June 3rd. Come in and say hello. You may find something different and new to see. And just maybe, you may even fall in love with one of my original art pieces and be tempted to make Naples its new home.

In the meantime, I leave you with a little glimpse of some of the performances, and the artists, who made the gallery come alive during this past week as part of the Festival´s Two O´Clock Series. They include Maestro William Noll, Russia´s Nadir Khashimov (violin) and Pilipp Kopachevsky (piano), the Belarussian State Chamber Orchestra conducted by Maestro Evgeny Bushkov, Moldova´s Milana Strezeva (piano), Costa Rica´s Daniela Navarro (piano), American Lyric Soprano Nancy Peery Marriott, and all the young soloists and ensembles who graced us with their talent during the final Mother´s Day concert. To all of them, a wonderful standing ovation!


Until next time!


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©2016 by Ignacio Alperin Bruvera