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Harlem Nocturne


This is a new painting. Inspired by the great Earle Hagen.

His name may not ring many bells to most people, but almost everyone has heard at one time or another, many of his songs. The reason being that he was a prolific, and sought after, TV theme writer.

Somiab-harlem-nocturne-2016-50cmx50cme of his credits include the songs for The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, That Girl, and The Mod Squad just to mention some of the sounds you may be familiar with from childhood, or from re-runs at some from the many “Classic TV” channels.

Hagen also composed one the most covered jazz songs in history:”Harlem Nocturne“, which was supposed to be just a song, but found its way into television as well many years later, as the theme for Mike Hammer.

Written in 1939 while Hagen was an arranger with the Ray Noble Orchestra, the song has been covered by most big bands, Jazz ensambles, R&B bands, and instrumental bands since it was first written. Someone even wrote some lyrics for it which were then sung by the “Velvet Fog” himself, Mr. Mel Tormé.

This wonderful song inspired my piece Harlem Nocturne with its deep reds and swinging surfaces in a romantic and vibrant composition.

And this is the version of this song played by the great Duke Ellington.

HARLEM NOCTURNE (2016) by Ignacio Alperin – Acrylic, oil based paints and inks on canvas – 50cm x 50cm –

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©2016 by Ignacio Alperin Bruvera