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Naples (Florida) has been, over the last few years, something like a home away from home to me.

I have found dear friends, a thriving artistic and cultural space, a place where to rest and get (really far) away from my every day problems, and an Artist´s Association (The NAPLES ARTS ASSOCIATION / which is strong, vibrant, and a real life force of a beautiful town.

So when I was sitting in a quiet Washington DC Hotel, and I saw how Hurricane Irma was tearing through Naples and surrounding areas,  I could not do anything else but just get on the first available plane back to Florida and use the time I had -before my own flight home would take off from Miami after 3 reschedules-  to see if I could help my friends.

I was afraid of what I would find.

What I found was a town in turmoil, shaken and hurt, but still on its own two strong feet.

It wasn´t easy. Little electricity, no drinking water, flooded houses, people without homes, no credit cards (no electricity), almost no cellphone signal, fallen tres everywhere, and 2 hour long cues to get some gas.

But in just three days everything was visibly getting better. People were trying to get things going. It was during these few days (just 3 days after Irma) that I shot these videos. What was very striking was the huge number of tress which had fallen (clearly in their thousands).

I know from my friends that things are still moving slowly. But they are getting better, and like any strong community it will be, in time, even more successful than before.

My love and good wishes to a wonderful town. Hats off to Naples!


Until next time!



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