Ignacio’s tips

Serious, silly, and sassy recomendations for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts

April 23, 2010: One nice exercise entails doing exactly the opposite of what you feel like doing on your canvas during one day. You feel like using lots of reds today? Then don’t use them at all, just look for alternatives. And close to the end of the day just pic 2 or 3 spots where you want to use the red and use it only there, sparingly, and selectively. You may be amazed at the outcome… You’ wil find that you have taken yourself where you didn’t think you would go, and I bet you will love the end result. 


April 22, 2010: Invest on new artists and withing that massive group, on those who do things YOU like. Art may  become more valuable in time, but what is the point of looking at something you don’t like for decades just on a bet that it may be worth more at some point? Beauty and pleasing aesthetics may be relative terms, but the things that make you happy and which you enjoy watching & possessing are clear to you.  Go with what YOU like. At the end, if a piece has given you years of pleasure,  that is a treasure in itself. If it is worth more, then that is an extra benefit you will have. 



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