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THE SUNDAY CONCERT: Clifford Brown & Max Roach

This is not the first time this album is mentioned in this blog. Furthermore, Joy Spring is my dedication to this album (Joy Spring being the fourth track on the original recording).

This influential album was recorded in 1954 and remains as the best known, and to many the very best, in the short life (two and a half years) of the Clifford Brown and Max Roach Quintet. Describedjoyspring 2014 80x90 by The New York Times as “perhaps the definitive bop group until Mr. Brown’s fatal automobile accident in 1956”, the band managed in its short life span to leave a mark in modern jazz.

The album (first released on vinyl in December 1954) was very well received by critics and the listening public. The album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999 and it is also included in “Jazz: A Critic’s Guide to the 100 Most Important Recordings” at #34.

Why I love it so much? It is just so good. But also it is warm, sincere, very advanced for its time, and it is also a gorgeous example of exquisitely rhythmic hard bop.

Whether you are a jazz fan, you are beginning to get the taste for it, or you are simply curious, I am sure you will love this album.

So, there is really nothing further to say other than, just enjoy. And have a great Sunday!

Until next time.


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©2016 by Ignacio Alperin Bruvera



By Ignacio Alperin Bruvera

Ignacio Alperin nació en Argentina, creció en Australia y vivió temporariamente en varios países alrededor del mundo. Es un creativo en la definición más amplia de la palabra. Posee una experiencia internacional extensa y diversa, obtenida en una carrera profesional alejada de lo lineal. Hoy en día es Profesor en los MBAs de la Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), Profesor de Creatividad e Innovación (Grado) en UCA Internacional y da clases y charlas como profesor visitante en entidades extrajeras. Es un emprendedor serial, aparte de consultor en temas tan variados como creatividad, innovación, liderazgo, arte y todo tipos de temas relacionados con el management y la dirección de empresas. Es también orador en eventos nacionales e internacionales, escribe ocasionalmente en diferentes publicaciones y por supuesto, tiene una carrera establecida como pintor y artista plástico.


Ignacio Alperin was born in Argentina, grew up in Australia and lived temporarily in several countries around the world. He is a creative in every possible description of the word. He has an extensive and diverse international experience, obtained in a professional and corporate career far from the linear. Nowadays he is a Professor in the MBAs of the Argentine Catholic University (UCA), Professor of Creativity and Innovation (Degree) in UCA International, and gives lectures and talks in foreign universities. He is a serial entrepreneur, and a consultant in such diverse areas as creativity, innovation, art, leadership, and other management and business related subjects. He is also a key note speaker in national and international events, he occasionally writes for different publications, and of course, he has a well established career as a painter and an artist.

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