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MARCH turned out to be a very busy month.

Finishing the last details of a new painting that had to go on exhibition on April 1st at Wine&Art in Buenos Aires, and then flying off to the US to fulfilled obligations that were a pleasure.

First with Hodges University in Naples, where I gave one of my creativity lecture to students, staff, and artistic souls from the Naples/Fort Myers area.

Then off to Shangri-La, the beautiful hotel in Bonita Springs. Fully organic, it is a peaceful environment where anyone can enjoy a full variety of relaxing activities and end the day with a wonderful meal cooked by Chef Pyro Rodriguez.

There, the Naples Art Association held one of their last “Dinner with Artists” events of the year,  and where I was generously invited by the NAA to be the guest artist.

Great experience and a beautiful painting came to life as a result.

Finally, off to Miami where I was also the guest of the artistic group “Los Embajadores del Arte” (The Art Ambassadors). A very active group of mostly Colombian artists, extremely talented all of them, and with a hunger for information.

As a guest of local artist Manena Elvira, I had the opportunity of giving a short lecture on the creative and artistic process.

Great month, and a great way to start a new year!


Until next time!



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©2017 by Ignacio Alperin Bruvera



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