Today´s concert is dedicated to the band of the multifaceted Jerry Gonzalez (congas, trumpet and flugelhorn). It is as much an introduction to me as it is to most of you.

I was not acquainted with this band until my dear friend, respected Argentine producer Roby Aldenbaum, pointed my nose their way.

And I have to say that I am sad and regretful. Mostly because I cannot believe that for so long (they have been around since 1994) I was unaware of their existence. Jerry has a huge career spanning decades as a session player and as a band leader, while his father was a singer and master of ceremonies during the Palladium years. I am really grateful to Roby also for finding this live concert online. This is definitely a great, tight, and world class ensemble.

Your time is not worth my explanations, particularly when you can see and hear them playing live in this great video.

Band Composition: Jerry González (Congas, Flugelhorn, Trumpet), Joe Ford (Sax), Larry Willis (Piano), Luques Curtis (Bass), Steve Berrios (Drums).


Until next time!

©2021 by Ignacio Alperin Bruvera

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