Yeah, Blue but compared to what….

First of all, I have been talking a lot lately about my UK agents in my notes and commentaries everywhere I am found online (Facebook, Twitter, here in my Blog, and so on). So you may ask, who are BLUE PERIOD.

As I said at some point before, this company is headed by partners Matthew Bremner and Dawid Kotur. They have developed a very professional, yet unorthodox approach to art promotion. They work in a direct and personal fashion with artists, in a manner far from the sometime promiscuous and occasionally harsh environment that is commercial art. They look into the soul of the artists, showing the new face of art as positively creative rather than obscure. Their work as an agency is an example of that, both for their transparency and their willingness to work with artists and their development in the rather complex commercial environment.  

If you want to learn more about them I would like to invite you to read  Matthew and Dawid’s interview by The New Wolf, and where they had the generous idea of featuring some of my paintings:  Also visit their website at

Now to some more new art.

This is another one of my new paintings from the second semester of 2011 and which have just been uploaded to my website at

It is called ”Compared to what”, a jazzy and movement filled interpretation of the 1969 classic Eugene McDaniels song which today is better know both for a very nice John Legend new version, but mostly for a very funny, often infuriating, little skit on SNL. I hope you enjoy it. And as long as we are here, enjoy the original song…it’s very cool.

Until next time!



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