If this is your first time visiting my blog, it may be a good idea if I introduce myself.

My name is Ignacio Alperin.

I was born in Argentina but proudly grew up in Australia.

My art career was also born in Australia and developed there for more than 15 years before moving from Melbourne to travel the world.

As an artist my art has always been deeply influenced by music.


What I thought, early on, was a simple emotional reaction to music, turned out to be much more than that. I am synesthetic and my gift adds volumes of shapes and colors which are neurological interpretations of what my brain perceives from the music. It is like a wonderful marriage of inspiration, technique, and this “gift” which helps me to put together a visual expression of those sounds.

My musical inspiration has always been varied. Yet, my main influence has always been Jazz.

I am today, as well, Professor of Creativity and Innovation at the Catholic University of Argentina, and I always use a parallel line between Jazz (which Bill Evans used to say is much more of a process to make music, than a genre), the artistic process and the creative processes we engage in the corporate world. Jazz is one of those great examples of the conjunction between a well learned score, individuality, improvisation, and creativity in a group form.

Jazz inspires me to the point that many times, in articles and curatorial comments, my work has been referred to as “Visual Jazz” since it is said that I have naturally adopted the improvisational tools of jazz musicians to put together an abstract image which is perceived as musical in nature.

My theory is that my brain, through its synesthetic process, somehow incorporates a “code” of sorts into the image. When this composition is seen through the eyes of other people, their own brains will “tell them” there is music there somewhere, even though there is usually no explicit reference to be found.

My art is…well, my art. Abstract, colourful, rhythmic, full of movement, and as you can see, deeply rooted in, and inspired by, music.


Until next time!

PhotoFunia TV interference Regular 2014-08-04 01 55 05

©2017 by Ignacio Alperin Bruvera



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