Reality is a construction. What we see, we see through a series of “intermediaries”. Senses much like a security video camera, a concert speaker, a microphone and other electronic sensors that we already have commonly available.

As an artist I am keenly aware that color is refractive. Thus according to the amount and type of light I have in front of me, colors and shapes will change (more colors than shapes, but those will too). In other words, we redefine the world by modifying our capacity to see. We are part of an ecosystem that is constantly moving and forcing us to modify our focus with it.

It means that everything is quite relative as each one of us creates our reality based in short term memory “bursts” of schemas, photos that make up a nice little movie that will most probably, but not necessarily, become long term memory.

From the same accident scene, 10 people looking at it will “record” in their memories 10 different movies. People will incorporate things that others have not seen, and many times, things that were never there.

As a synesthetic artist, I already “see” what I hear. This TED lecture, from 2009, by Beau Lotto plays with your vision, your perceptivity of sound, other senses, and your brain, thus spotlighting what you can’t normally see: how your brain works.

I hope you enjoy this fun perception of what’s really out there.

Until next time



PhotoFunia TV interference Regular 2014-08-04 01 55 05

©2018 by Ignacio Alperin Bruvera

Ignacio Alperin Art


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