Abandoned Garden

This smooth vocal Jazz album  by Michael Franks, and particularly the song that inspires it, was also the inspiration for this painting of mine from early this year.

It had been a sad period, with the passing of my dear Zamba, my darling 9 year old Golden Retriever, at the hands of a very unusual illness.

ABANDONED GARDEN (2013) by Ignacio Alperin


When I am sad, my painting reflects it. In my case colors go a little deeper, rather than darker, and the circular motion takes over. It may have to do with reflecting over the cycle of life, or the circularity that in itself is the reflective period behind every traumatic experience that we go through. Reflecting means looking at the image that is returned to us, but also means going back, and returning, over and over.

I love this painting. it is abandoned from the human perspective of being free to do as it pleases and of no longer being controlled, but it is not an abandoned scene from the perspective of being alone or not taken care of. There are flowers growing, although they may look a little sad. And there is light, and the hint of water, and deep and changing reds that reflect the deep emotion that surrounds the scene.

I invite you to listen to the song and share with me the experience of walking through this “Abandoned Garden”.

Until next time,


©2013 by Ignacio Alperin Bruvera

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