Mornin' 120x110 17,5X20.9.jpg
MORNIN´ (2012) by Ignacio Alperin


This quadriptych was painted on 4 pieces of wood, with a total size of 120cm x 112cm and it weas finished in November 2012.

Painted in acrylic, oil based paints, and engraving ink, it had been waiting for the right time to be shown

And the time came. I placed it on show for the first time at the Art Show Exhibition which was held at the Palermo Racecourse, right in one of the prettiest areas of Buenos Aires Palermo neighbourhood, at the end of April 2013.

The exhibition was very succesful and it was a great experience to share this space with so many great artists.

Flyer negro

As always, there is a very nice song as inspiration behind this painting. So let’s enjoy it together. Here is the great Al Jarreau.

 Until next time,




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