Ignacio Alperin´s art takes viewers on an energetic journey through the joy and harmony of abstract movement.

Using brushes, water, spray cans, oil paint, emulsified inks, and charcoal he gives splendid forms and chapes to musical compositions, with all their complex rhythms, spatial dynamics and layering.

Jack O´Brien

Former curator and Gallery Director

Naples Art Association

Ignacio Alperin
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Ignacio Alperin nació en Argentina, creció en Australia y vivió temporariamente en varios países alrededor del mundo. Posee una experiencia internacional extensa, y diversa, obtenida en una carrera profesional alejada de lo lineal. Hoy en día es Profesor de Entrepreneurship en los MBAs de la Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), Profesor de Creatividad e Innovación (Grado) en UCA Internacional, es un Emprendedor serial, consultor, orador en eventos nacionales e internacionales, y artista plástico.

Ignacio Alperin was born in Argentina, grew up in Australia and lived temporarily in several countries around the world. He has extensive and diverse international experience, obtained in a professional career far from the linear. Nowadays he is Professor of Entrepreneurship in the MBAs of the Argentine Catholic University (UCA), Professor of Creativity and Innovation (Degree) in UCA International, a serial Entrepreneur, consultant, speaker in national and international events, and an artist.

© 2021 Ignacio Alperin

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