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It´s just a good idea

This is going to be short and to the point.

Buying art is a good idea.

PhotoFunia Classic Frame Regular 2014-07-30 10 54 57

If you look it at it from the point of view of sheer gratification, few things that you will buy for your house at a reasonable price will give you more enjoyment and for such a long time.

What are the chances that your sofa will increase in price over time? (Yes, I mean after use).sofa.jpg

Not many? How about close to none?

What are the chances that a painting you bought for anywhere between $500 and $5000 will increase in price over time?

Well, you don´t have the best odds but it can and it does happen. Anywhere higher than $4,000 and your odds get better, and those you purchase at prices that go anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 have probably very good odds of maintaining and increasing prices.

So, if you have a keen eye and good luck, your purchased art work may double, triple, or multiply its original price many times over.


Now, it is important that you keep it, remember where it is, and pass it over to the next generations. Otherwise what could happen to you is what happened to the unknown original owner of the painting “Preparation for Egypt” (which is thought was painted somewhere between 1605 and 1620). A German student in Berlin was looking for an old sofa for her appartment and decided to buy a pullout couch at a flea market. When she opened it, the painting was inside. It went on to be purchased by an anonymous bidder at auction in Hamburg for a price of $27,630, making the student about 100 times what she originally paid for the couch. So the lesson is to keep your art close, protected, in your will so you can pass it on to others, and definitely, do not hide it in a sofa (no matter how much you like the sofa).

If you are a betting person, always spend a little more (with good and knowledgeable advice is always better) as price in art relates to how the market views the artist (obviously, a higher price acts as an initial validation of the art work). But this is not a must.

little tunes 21
LITTLE TUNES 21 (2012) by Ignacio Alperin

You can find great deals amongst emerging as well as established artists. In my case, I make the point of always of having paintings available below $5,000 (sometimes as low as $1,500 or even less for small pieces), as my interest is that my art get to as many hands as possible. I love having someone buying something for $1,000, and then seeing that person 6 months later with a smile on his or her face because not only they love their painting, but they know they have already made a profit on it as well.

They are my best marketing people. I love the fact that they like my art, and I love seeing them talk about how much they enjoy a particular painting. And I am not alone in this pricing strategy. A great number of artists share this attitude towards the market.

So, if you are looking for enjoyment, originality, a smart and lasting gift for yourself and for the people you love and esteem, as well as a chance at making a handsome profit just for having a keen eye, you cannot do much better than buying art.

And as long as we are talking about smart things to do, I recommend you listen to this album. It is just another good idea.

See you soon.


ignacioalperin lights4.jpg

©2016 by Ignacio Alperin Bruvera


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Let´s get away from it all 100x100 (2012)
LET´S GET AWAY FROM IT ALL (2012) by Ignacio Alperin


City life gets to be too hectic sometimes so, isn’t it nice when we can get our selves freed from everything, and just let go, do something crazy like freeing some colorful balloons in a park and seeing them rise,  or simply grab a loved someone by the waste and just like a superhero, point towards the sky and just shout… Let’s get away from it all!… and just fly away (I admit, that is definitely the difficult part).

Well, I know, none of it is as easy as it sounds, but you can certainly look at this painting hanging on your wall and think…I can do that.. 🙂

See you next time!



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Buenos Aires Design recibió la Navidad con un taller para chicos al aire libre. El Centro Comercial junto a Global Art invitó a 14 artistas, entre los que me contaba, a intervenir arbolitos navideños. La actividad se llevó a cabo el sábado 15 de diciembre en las Terrazas de Buenos Aires Design.
Los árboles intervenidos están a la venta para que el público pueda comprar estos exclusivos árbolitos, firmados por reconocidos artistas argentinos.

Los artistas participantes por orden alfabético fuimos:
• Andrea Arcuri
• Bony Bullrich
• Cristina Simes
• Daniel Genovesi
• Dario Parvis
• Geraldine Cunto
• Ginette Reynal
• Ignacio Alperin
• Maby Rod
• Mapi de Aubeyzon
• María Laura Baylac
• Mirian Diaz Carrizo
• Mirta Benavente
• Paula Barbini
En los últimos años, Buenos Aires Design se ha convertido en un referente de la cultura y el arte en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, a través de los eventos realizados donde se presentaron artistas como Eduardo Pla, Marta Minujin y Peter Macfarlane, entre otros.
El evento artístico fue coordinado por Global Art, empresa de marketing cultural a cargo de Grace Grisolía y Verónica Quintana.
Más abajo fotografías gracias a la gentileza de Global Art Group, y fotos de mi arbolito abstracto en blanco y rojo! Espero que les gusten!
On Friday, December 16th, I was invited by Buenos Aires Design Shopping Mall at the Recoleta Neighbourhood, and Global Art Group, together with another 13 artists, to particpate in a live painting afternoon at the Mall.
The idea was that each artist would artistically  intervene a Christmas tree. 
It was a typically hot and humid day, but that did not stop us from enjoying ourselves together with the public and lots of kids.
Here are some pictures of the event, as well as of my white and red signed Christmas tree.
I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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Art Sale 2012 (Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires)

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Many people ask me why I have chosen to base my current series on the sounds of Jazz.

There are many reasons. On the one hand, I simply love that sound. It can be simple or complex, uplifting or romantic, funky or full of swing, cool or pacific, but it always manages to delve somewhere deep and lift me up to places I didn’t know before.

Another reason is that Jazz for me is simply another way of saying freedom.  In jazz the score is just the excuse to show each musician’s luster and skills, as well as their love for sound that is rich, expressive and unique. Since its birth, this musical manifestation has been a part of all movements that wanted to articulate people’s liberty to express themselves.

And that is want I want to do on a canvas. I want to free myself to utter what is happening to me with the score, to allow me to be deceptively wild, to look for unorthodox ways of making you feel something different, and yet to allow you also the independence to see what I see in your own way, and in your own time and leisure.

There are many stories about the importance of Jazz in the fight for freedom. Not only musical but also as an expression of liberty of thought.

One of those well known stories involves the Benny Goodman Band and their first trip to the USSR in the 1950’s. Firstly, Mr. Goodman was incredibly surprised by the huge crowds which followed him in spite of one of the toughest environments for personal freedom in the second half of the XX Century.

Here was an American icon and his sound, allowed to play in Russia just as an excuse to show openness to the outside world, and at the same time people were not being allowed to listen to his kind of “foreign capitalist corrupt music”.

His second surprise was the fact that people came to him and kept telling him how they loved his work in terms of “we love CL7943 or CL8726”.

Goodman didn’t know what they were talking about. Until someone explained to him that because his works were prohibited by the government, people referred to them by their recording label number, as a way to avoid censorship and prohibition.

He thus found that, incredibly,  there were very few people as knowledgeable of all Jazz music as the Russian fans.

That in a small way was both a declaration of another triumph of the people to free themselves from an overbearing government, but also it was another triumph for Jazz music, a sound which after WWII became the music of freedom.

I don’t know if I can say that my art will one day represent as much, but I know that my aim is to make it a clear expression of the lack of restrictions I feel as I put my art across, of ideas reworked into shapes and colors without boundaries, of joy and pain and thought all intertwined into vivid and abstract melodies.

I don’t always manage to do it, but rest assured that with my Visual Jazz I am always looking for new ways to convey that improvised musicality, that different sound that strikes as offbeat first, but which with time simply becomes… just so cool.


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The concept of affordable art has been around for a while. In Argentina there are a couple of main exhibitions dedicated to the idea of bringing a new fresh public into the world of art and getting them to see the beauty, the enjoyment, and most of the times, the great investment that is collecting original art.

Art Sale is one of those two and I am very happy to be a part of it this year.

Located in the very posh Puerto Madero district of Buenos Aires, most exactly in the Madero Mystic River Boat, Art Sale 2012 will bring together some of Argentina’s best artists together with a growing number of emerging artists.


Last year the public took advantage of the prices and the whole event was almost sold out. Long cues of avid collectors and first time buyers flocked over the four days of the Fair and went home with great works at even greater prices. Not all the paintings shown are at “sale” prices, but every artist must present at least one painting at a very affordable price which means that there will be at least 80 paintings at fantastic prices during the event.

If you are in Buenos Aires or are planning to be here next week, I recommend you take a nice scenic walk along these old XIXth Century wharfs converted into a very trendy neighbourhood in the 1990’s and which, with the years, have blossomed into one of the most glamorous areas in town.

I will be there from August 1st (for the pre/sale for sponsors) and then from August 2nd when it opens to the public until the 5th, showing and selling my works. On Sunday 5th of August I will be painting live from 2pm until 8 pm, so anyone interested in having a nice coffee and seeing and talking about what my Visual Jazz is all about, will be most welcomed! I may even let you participate in the painting if you like! 🙂

And talking about the paintings, I haven’t decided exactly which paintings will be there, but here are 3 of the  possible choices (sorry about the quality of the pics but I have not had a chance to get them properly photographed yet!).

If you are going to be in Buenos Aires over the next few days and you would like to receive a listing of my paintings at art sale with prices, just send me an email and I will be more than happy to send it to you.






I hope to see you there over the next few days, from Thursday 2nd to Sunday the 5th.

Until next time!


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Visual Jazz 2 (2012)

Another compilation video prepared for my 2012 Exhibitions in London. In them I combine details of my art with the great music that inspires it. The end result is a combination of great singers and jazz perfomances together with some very lively and exciting work.

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Art at San Isidro Race Track

In July 2012 I took part in the first “Art Godoy” at the posh San Isidro race track, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Invited by Veronica Quintana from Global Art Group,  I was there with some of my work and had a great time. Here are some photos of the event.


En Julio de 2012, se realizó el primer “Art Godoy” en el hipódromo de San Isidro, en las afueras de Buenos Aires.  Organizado por Global Arts Group, se acercó un nutrido público, ávido de ver y adquirir lo que los  conocidos artistas argentinos  representados en esta muestra tenían para ofrecer.  Estuve allí invitado por Verónica Quintana y llevé  algunas de mis obras. Comparto con Uds. algunas fotos de lo que fue este evento.

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