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The concept of affordable art has been around for a while. In Argentina there are a couple of main exhibitions dedicated to the idea of bringing a new fresh public into the world of art and getting them to see the beauty, the enjoyment, and most of the times, the great investment that is collecting original art.

Art Sale is one of those two and I am very happy to be a part of it this year.

Located in the very posh Puerto Madero district of Buenos Aires, most exactly in the Madero Mystic River Boat, Art Sale 2012 will bring together some of Argentina’s best artists together with a growing number of emerging artists.


Last year the public took advantage of the prices and the whole event was almost sold out. Long cues of avid collectors and first time buyers flocked over the four days of the Fair and went home with great works at even greater prices. Not all the paintings shown are at “sale” prices, but every artist must present at least one painting at a very affordable price which means that there will be at least 80 paintings at fantastic prices during the event.

If you are in Buenos Aires or are planning to be here next week, I recommend you take a nice scenic walk along these old XIXth Century wharfs converted into a very trendy neighbourhood in the 1990’s and which, with the years, have blossomed into one of the most glamorous areas in town.

I will be there from August 1st (for the pre/sale for sponsors) and then from August 2nd when it opens to the public until the 5th, showing and selling my works. On Sunday 5th of August I will be painting live from 2pm until 8 pm, so anyone interested in having a nice coffee and seeing and talking about what my Visual Jazz is all about, will be most welcomed! I may even let you participate in the painting if you like! 🙂

And talking about the paintings, I haven’t decided exactly which paintings will be there, but here are 3 of the  possible choices (sorry about the quality of the pics but I have not had a chance to get them properly photographed yet!).

If you are going to be in Buenos Aires over the next few days and you would like to receive a listing of my paintings at art sale with prices, just send me an email and I will be more than happy to send it to you.






I hope to see you there over the next few days, from Thursday 2nd to Sunday the 5th.

Until next time!


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Art at San Isidro Race Track

In July 2012 I took part in the first “Art Godoy” at the posh San Isidro race track, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Invited by Veronica Quintana from Global Art Group,  I was there with some of my work and had a great time. Here are some photos of the event.


En Julio de 2012, se realizó el primer “Art Godoy” en el hipódromo de San Isidro, en las afueras de Buenos Aires.  Organizado por Global Arts Group, se acercó un nutrido público, ávido de ver y adquirir lo que los  conocidos artistas argentinos  representados en esta muestra tenían para ofrecer.  Estuve allí invitado por Verónica Quintana y llevé  algunas de mis obras. Comparto con Uds. algunas fotos de lo que fue este evento.

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Exhibition in Chiswick (London) presented by Blue Period


Next week-end (July 7th) my great agents at Blue Period have organized a very exclusive show by invitation only at the very trendy Chiswick neighbourhood, in the outskirts of London.

There will be 18 of my works on show there, with key pieces spanning 5 years of my “Visual Jazz” concept.

I will not be there, but my artistic expression will be and I hope you feel the temptation to find out a bit more about my art.

Buying original art is a great investment in every sense. I invite you to consider the possibility  and either way, I trust you will enjoy what you see!



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Visual Jazz 1 (part of the promotion for my UK Exhibitions in 2012)

The first of the videos prepared to accompany my work in my exhibitions happening this year in London, starting with Parallax Chelsea in May 2012, and following closely in July with the Blue Period organized Exhibit in Chiswick.

It is a compilation of some of my best known work together with jazz songs, videos and performances which have inspired this highly colorful and movement filled Visual Jazz series. 

I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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A jazzy and colorful Lisbon spring

Well, the time has arrived. My first pieces have made it into beautiful Lisbon and in just a few days (from March 31st, 2012), they will be exhibited at the Gallery.

It is a long way (both in distance and time wise) for my Australian born Visual Jazz to travel. For those of you who have never been there, Lisbon is the westernmost large city in Europe, and the only one along the Atlantic seashore. It is one of the major economic capitals on the continent, with a growing financial centre and one of the largest container ports on Europe’s Atlantic coast.

But above all, it is a wonderful city of in terms of culture and architecture.  

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, predating London, Paris and Rome by hundreds of years. By the time Julius Caesar came along the city was large enough to the point that he made it a municipium then called Felicitas Julia, adding to the name Olissipo.

When I look at its history and culture, I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to show my art in such surroundings.  Lisbon has two sites listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site: Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery, while in 1994, Lisbon was the European Capital of Culture.

Here is one of the paintings that were exhibited at the Fundacion Standard Bank Gallery Space in Buenos Aires between March and April last year, and which has luckily travelled now all the way to Portugal. It is called “Water in the Moon”. It is 50 cm. x 50 cm., mixed media on canvas and it is from 2011.


And to stay with this wonderful idea of a radiant and monumental city by the sea, beamed by a watery Moon, how about if we continue in this very Continental mood for the closing and share this video of  Michel Legrand and Stephan Grappelli  performing a great interpretation of  Morgan Lewis’ “How high the Moon”, recorded live in 1984.

Until next time!


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La Ville Rose

For all of you who may have never been there, or even worst, may not have heard of it before, Toulouse  is a city in the Haute-Garonne department in southwestern France. It is a city in which I spent a lot of time when I was growing up as my brother was studying there, and so I would travel to this great area of France over the holidays, visit my family, and enjoy the city’s many charms and those of the surrounding country side.

It is a beautiful town. It lies on the banks of the River Garonne, 590 km (366 mi) away from Paris and half-way between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. With more that 1.1 million inhabitants the Toulouse metropolitan area is the fifth-largest in France, after Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Lille.

Toulouse is one of the bases of the European aerospace industry and its world renowned university is one of the oldest in Europe (founded in 1229) and the third-largest university campus of France after Paris and Lyon (thank you Wikipedia!).

Toulouse was the capital of the former province of Languedoc (provinces were abolished during the French Revolution). It is now the Chef-lieu of the Midi-Pyrénées region, the largest region in metropolitan France. It is also the Chef-lieu of the Haute-Garonne department.

This new painting, which will be shipping soon to Lisbon for my upcoming exhibition at Galeria Colorida during March 2012, is a small but heartfelt tribute to this lovely town often baptized as “la ville rose” because of its many red brick and pink buildings.

This work of mine received a great deal of inspiration as well from a gorgeous song by the great Ahmad Jamal, also entitled “Toulouse”, and which I am including below so you can listen to it while you look at this brand new painting. You may be able to see my painting then in a similar way to how I saw it as it emerged in my music filled mind. Or you can simply enjoy both the painting and the music!

Until next time!


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Of abstractions, elephants and chimps

I had a very interesting conversation yesterday with a very well-known and prestigious attorney, someone who is also a dear friend. Our conversation shifted at one point towards art and the different characteristics of artistic expression. At one point he said to me, more or less, “I got stuck in classical figurative painting as something like a definition of what is art (he is something of a collector). I would love to understand more, but right now  I have to admit that I find it too difficult to grasp or understand abstractions, expressionism, and other forms of avant-garde  artistic expression”.

And in reference to my work, he added “I can see there is an intention in what you do, I can see that there is deliberate work in placement, shapes and colors. I even like some of it because I find the shapes or colors agreeable to me, but I can’t see what it is …do you see something when you paint? Are you following a picture or a pattern?…I imagine you do but I can’t grasp it…

Obviously the first thing that came into my mind is my friend imagining a happy chimp throwing painting on a canvas…which is obviously not what he meant, but one can only wonder if in the minds of many, and after so many years of exploring the boundaries of artistic expression, there is still an established image  of elephants painting with their trunks and chimps throwing and eating paint as part of the abstract movement.

I admit that, even if a great deal has been written over the years, it is still difficult to explain to someone what abstraction is all about, even if the word is pretty self-explanatory.

My work is mostly, music inspired abstract expressionism, although some figurative interpretations filter in every now and again. In that regards, expressionism as an artistic form is a little easier to convey.  For a start, the word itself implies a certain “intention” in what one does. Even if sometimes that same purpose may be obscure to most except the author, there is a primary objective of “expressing” something, be it feelings, textures, experiences, colors and so on. It can also be said that all art is an expression but that in itself, will only make my task even harder so I better not digress!

But abstraction can be anything. A blank canvas is abstraction as much as one with hundreds of hours of work on it.

There are obviously many formal definitions of abstraction as a concept. One of the most widely used would go basically like this: “Abstraction (from the Latin abs, meaning away from and trahere, meaning to draw) is the process of taking away or removing distinctive traits  from something in order to reduce it to a set of essential characteristics.”   

The fact is that what is essential can be 99.9999999% of the original idea as much as 0.000000000001% (or less) of that same concept. So it is still a very wide notion and open to millions of interpretations.

A more philosophical description could be that abstraction is the thought process wherein ideas are distanced from objects.

“Abstraction uses a strategy of simplification, wherein formerly concrete details are left ambiguous, vague, or undefined; thus effective communication about things in the abstract requires an intuitive or common experience between the communicator and the communication recipient. This is true for all verbal/abstract communication.”(Wikipedia)

I have had the wonderful experience of studying philosophy and I find this problem a great example of how difficult it is for us humans to accommodate to new paradigms (I am being very generous by calling abstract expressionism something new, but still it generates almost as much controversy today as when it first appeared as a mainstream form of artistic expression so many years ago).

I have always loved that mental adventure that is finding the proverbial “Gordian knot” to every issue. So if I may, I am going to try to contribute to enlighten this rich and wonderful controversy (although most probably I will only add more complications to it!).

If I may, I would simply say that for a figurative artist, his drawing of a certain scene, let us say one of the classical English hunting scenes made popular in the 18th and 19th Centuries, is in itself the end of the creative process. He or she will then work on his sketch, reproducing the colors, the shadows, the expressions of hunters, dogs, sky, fox and birds into a combination that will take you there as if you had been participating of that moment in time. His or her skills are amazing and the techniques used are a wonderful example of human ingenuity and artistic prowess.

For an abstract painter who looks at the same scene, there may even be an initial sketch of similar characteristics. But that sketch, instead of being the final rendition prior to giving it life with his or her paints, it is just the starting point from where that painting and the painter are going. He or she will work from there into a new scene that may be devoid of many of the details, that may just rescue some shapes and colors, or simply express something devoid of form but which makes the viewer generate, for example, adrenaline and fear.

And that may be the artist’s whole point. Wishing, perhaps, to generate in the viewer exclusively the emotions felt by the hunters and their horses, and perhaps the terror of the poor fox being chased in the woods.  That also takes imagination, skill and a different set of techniques that will allow only the essence the artist is looking for to be left on the canvas, leaving everything else for you to explore and invent in your own mind.

I don’t know if my explanation helps in any way, but I will ask my friend and I will let you know!

So, to my work now.

Here are 2 of my final works of 2011, both of them of the same size. As a matter of fact they do have a lot of detail compared to many of my more abstract expressions so it is very fitting that they are shown here within this conversation about abstraction and figurative painting.

The first one was started in 2010 and finished in 2011, and it is called “A winter flower garden”.

A 100cm x 100cm painting that I like very much. The second one is also lovely and it has a different feel to it, it is more like a scene after a spring shower went through it. It is also from 2011 and it is called “What a difference a day makes”, and it is based on Dinah Washington’s version of that wonderful song with the same title. You will see many things in common between both which were not really intentional, but make both paintings into a nice pair.  

I hope you enjoy them both, and the conversation that preceded them.

Until next time!


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Have I been naughty or nice?

It’s the last Monday before Christmas and a good time to start looking into whether we have been naughty or nice. I guess, like most people except the very few, I have been both of those things but with a marked effort towards getting to be the latter.

Life is short and as the years start moving faster, regrets start piling up. As you can see I am not one of those “no regrets” type of people. I think we all regret doing certain things and, most importantly, I do believe that we should feel sorry about certain things we have done during our life. Most of us have had moments in which we have been hurtful, absent, or simply awful to others. So, as my first formal and public step into the spirit of the season, here is my heartfelt apology to all the people I have hurt this year, for any reason, and whether knowingly or not. To all of you, please accept my call for forgiveness and my promise of a real effort to be better in the future.

Now, one of the things I do not regret about 2011 is where I have gone with my art. It has been shaky at times, a little hard to keep up in terms of quality and quantity of work, but it has proven a breakthrough year in many respects. For that reason I would like to thank, following in my Christmas spirited line of thought, all those people who have helped my art along this year. From family, friends, admirers and critics, to journalists, the media in general, gallery owners, and buyers. You have all helped me along this difficult road of artistic expression and I am very grateful for your support, comments and criticism.

So, now let us turn to some new work!

This is another one of my new paintings from the second semester of 2011 and which have just been uploaded to my website at

It is called ”Blow by Blow”. Inspired by many of those golden years brassy tunes that are too harsh for the midnight hour but give us a hell of a kick in the rear at times of sorrow, or simply when we are a bit down and we need a nice shot in the arm.

To accompany this painting, I invite you to enjoy Duke Ellington live with his orchestra performing one of those cheerful songs and one of the titles which inspired my composition, this one called coincidentally “Blow by Blow”.

Looking through my videos ( I would like to bring forward one from February this year about the “Making of” my Standard Bank Foundation Gallery Exhibition which took place in March- April 2011. I had forgotten how cool the music sounded. I hope you enjoy it too, either again or for the first time if you have not seen it before.

See you soon!